Don’t Want To Mow The Grass? Here Are 5 Best Alternatives For Your Lawn

Keeping a lavish green lawn can be the dream of most homeowners. Despite their dream of long-cherished lawn, sometimes it is not possible to maintain the lawn, may be due to water ban during summer days or for busy schedule to take care of the lawn. If you are not ready to pay for a weekly lawn mowing service or not interested to take care of your lawn or even lawn mowing, here are few alternatives that you may consider our site

#1 Artificial Lawn

If you find it difficult to slave the real grass, why not go for artificial grass? Those artificial lawns seem so real that they are even been mistaken with real grass. However, it is true that having an artificial lawn and installing it is more expensive than having the real lawn. At the end, you don’t have to take headache of watering and fertilizing it.

#2 Rock Gardening

Some homeowners become so frustrated that they consider paving over the lawns. You can prepare a rock garden by mixing up the ornamental grasses, gravel and stone chips to make the outdoor space unique and attractive. Even a rock garden means less weeding and low maintenance. However, the downside of this garden is that you need to haul in and lay down the rocks and gravel in order to stop the growth of weeds. In fact, the concept of rock garden is not a practical idea for the families that have kids.

#3 Paint the Grass Green

During the hot and dry season, the grass may turn brown when they cannot protect themselves from the damage of heat. In order to resolve the matter, you can paint your lawn green with a bottle of paint. This concept is new in the field, but it is effective for such circumstances.

These paints are safe for the grass and you can still mow the lawn. In fact, these paints are safe for the pet and do not rub onto the shoes or clothes. You cam but the paint from the market and paint yourself by mixing paint and water.

# 4 Native Meadows and Plants

You do have another option to ditch the lawn and have a lawn full of meadows, plants and flowers that can attract bumblebees and butterflies. You can rip out your lawns for plants and wildflowers that can grow with little help.

Having a prairie garden means the primary maintenance. However, after certain time, the flower garden becomes maintenance free where you only need to mow occasionally. There is a downside in the city area as most cities do not allow the natural gardens. But some cities today have relaxed the law and permit the homeowners to have natural lawns.

#5 Low Maintenance Lawn

Finally, if you don’t want to get rid of your love for lawn and still look for cutting back the usage of water on it, there is an excellent solution for you. Go for a low maintenance lawn where you will have micro-clover, white clover, creeping red fescue and drought tolerant grass replacing the grass of your lawn. Now, you don’t need to take the headache of regular watering, mowing and maintenance.